Atualização de plugins

Atualização de plugins


Admin Menu Editor


  • Added a “Redirects” feature. You can create login redirects, logout redirects, and registration redirects. You can configure redirects for specific roles and users. You can also set up a default redirect that will apply to everyone who doesn’t have a specific setting. Redirect URLs can contain shortcodes, but not all shortcodes will work in this context.
  • Added a few utility shortcodes: [ame-wp-admin][ame-home-url][ame-user-info field="..."]. These are mainly intended to be used to create dynamic redirects, but they will also work in posts and pages.
  • Slightly improved the appearance of settings page tabs on small screens and in narrow browser windows.
  • Fixed a minor conflict where several hidden menu items created by “WP Grid Builder” would unexpectedly show up when AME is active.
  • Fixed a conflict with “LoftLoader Pro”, “WS Form”, and probably a few other plugins that create new admin menu items that link to the theme customizer. Previously, it was impossible to hide or edit those menu items.
  • Fixed a few jQuery deprecation warnings.
  • Fixed an “Undefined array key” warning that could appear if another plugin created a user role that did not have a “capabilities” key.
  • Fixed a minor BuddyBoss Platform compatibility issue where the menu editor would show a “BuddyBoss -> BuddyBoss” menu item that was not present in the actual admin menu. The item is created by BuddyBoss Platform, but it is apparently intended to be hidden.
  • Refactored the menu editor and added limited support for editing three level menus. While the free version doesn’t have the ability to actually render nested items in the admin menu, it should at least load a menu configuration that includes more than two levels without crashing. This will probably only matter if someone edits the settings in the database or copies a menu configuration from the Pro version.

Conditional Payments for WooCommerce


  • Updated WooCommerce compatibility info

CTX Feed – WooCommerce Product Feed

4.4.33 (2021-10-22)

  • Fixed: Unit & Currency postfix issue.

Defender Pro

Versão 2.6.1 2021-10-18
  • New: Google reCAPTCHA integration with WooCommerce plugin
  • New: “What’s New” modal hidden on fresh installs
  • Enhance: Upgrade required minimum PHP version
  • Enhance: Unlock active lockouts using WP CLI
  • Enhance: Show more detailed log with Audit Logging
  • Enhance: Audit Logging on subsites
  • Enhance: Rename Feature Policy header to Permission Policy header
  • Enhance: “Send notifications when Defender couldn’t scan the files” not working
  • Enhance: Set a time limit to cancel malware scanning
  • Enhance: Mobile view improvements
  • Enhance: Add log entry when signing in with 2FA
  • Enhance: Change “Basic config” to “Basic Config”
  • Enhance: Save a post as Draft and see 3 entries created in Audit log on multisite
  • Enhance: Add “Activate” button instead of “Continue” when activating the Notification
  • Enhance: Hide malware scan filter when there is no issue
  • Enhance: Remove Academy link
  • Fix: Audit log duplicates when updating menu items
  • Fix: Max countdown showing 24 hours instead of 72 hours
  • Fix: Conflict with WooCommerce Payments
  • Fix: Typo in User Agent Banning Allowlist UI
  • Fix: Issue with 2FA flow
  • Fix: Getting PHP Notice / warming on malware scanning
  • Fix: Google reCAPTCHA for comments doesn’t work with HB Lazy Load
  • Fix: Redirect to optimal URL on 2FA OTP success in custom login page
  • Fix: Incorrect Google reCAPTCHA error Code for multisite user registration
  • Fix: PHP version shows null inside the recommendation
  • Fix: Aren’t able to explore Recommendations on our hosting

Translate WordPress with GTranslate


  • New flat flags style in SVG format
  • Added check version to avoid double Google Translate library inclusion which may cause javascript “Uncaught RangeError” error in free version


  • Fix for javascript error introduced in 2.9.4


  • New interface for paid plans to easily configure custom domains for languages
  • Adding Vary: Accept-Language response header when auto redirecting to browser language
  • Google Analytics event tracking is on by default when analytics.js is present on the website, old ga.js support is removed


  • Avoid minification of Google Translate javascript library by LiteSpeed Cache and WP Rocket cache plugins in the free version

Hummingbird Pro

Versão 3.1.2 – 2021-10-19
  • New: Option to hide average response time from Uptime reports
  • Enhance: Database cleanup drafts processing – drafts are now moved to trash instead of removed completely
  • Enhance: Asset optimization processing – to prevent infinite processing loops, assets that use timestamps for versions will no longer be tracked
  • Enhance: Asset optimization purging orphaned data entries
  • Enhance: LiteSpeed server browser cache instructions
  • Enhance: Compatibility with WPMU DEV hosting FastCGI
  • Fix: Asset version changes not triggering asset optimization updates
  • Fix: Page cache not clearing out cache when menu is updated
  • Fix: Page cache not working on a page/post if the slug is ‘mobile’
  • Fix: PHP undefined offset warnings
  • Fix: Hidden CPTs clearing out page cache
  • Fix: Configs not working for subsite admins
  • Fix: PHP warnings on Dashboard page when Smush was previously installed and removed
  • Fix: Performance optimization guide link

Loco Translate


  • Fixed double file extension vulnerability reported by WordFence
  • Better performance when scanning directories for file types

Mercado Pago para WooCommerce

v5.5.0 (19/10/2021)

  • Features
  • Renderização de imagem pix pelo backend para e-mails
  • Adicionado link para termos e condições do Mercado Pago na tela de checkout
  • Bug fixes
  • Corrigido fluxo de retentativa de pagamento

PPOM for WooCommerce

23.5 October 11, 2021

  • Tweaks: Bootstrap updated to latest stable version 4.6
  • Bug fixed: Cropper input issue fixed
  • Feature: Cropper input better view

Método de pagamento Stripe

5.7.0 – 2021-10-20

  • Fix – Enable use of saved payment methods converted to SEPA payments.
  • Tweak – “Save payment information” checkbox now has better alignment in store checkout.
  • Tweak – Error notices at checkout now have more consistent design.

Site Kit by Google



  • Update AdSense signup URL to point to the latest UI. See #4239.
  • Implement replacement UI in certain areas to inform users of no data being available when applicable. See #4226.
  • Update built asset filenames to avoid potentially triggering aggressive WAF rule. See #4181.
  • Improve Idea Hub widget styles and padding. See #4092.
  • Update Analytics widgets to display zero state only when the Analytics account is gathering data. See #4086.
  • Improve Search Console “gathering data” heuristics; prevents users with limited/no traffic from seeing “Gathering data” message. See #4085.
  • Add PageSpeed widget to Unified Dashboard. See #4079.
  • Add Content Area widgets to Unified Dashboard. See #4078.
  • Update plugin setup tracking events for users who have opted-in to tracking. See #4054.
  • Implement new Unified Dashboard header design/UI. See #4048.
  • Enhance on-demand loading of anonymous usage tracking snippet. See #3972.
  • Update handling of OAuth error with clarified language and the URL used for retry. See #3970.


  • Restore AdBlocker warning on AdSense module dashboard. See #4178.
  • Don’t show duplicate errors when loading deleted Analytics accounts in the settings. See #3569.




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